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 A favorite of fitness instructors worldwide.  The EVO headset microphone incorporates the electronics into the headset which eliminates the body pack transmitter.  Totally redesigned to conform to the new FCC requirements.  Easy to set up and operate.  

The SP-EVO-25-D1 package is the EVO head worn mic with built in transmitter paired with the easy-to-use and ultra reliable Auto Scan 16 channel receiver.  By simply pressing a button, the 16 channel Auto Scan receiver will find a clear channel for you.  Then, set the EVO headset to match the channel and you are ready to go.  Our SP-EVO-25-D1 remembers these settings even after you turn the unit off.

  • new FCC frequency 540-570 MHz

  • patented design integrates the transmitter comfortably behind the ear

  • Splash proof / sweat proof

  • noise cancelling element fights feedback

  • built in recharging system

  • no wires / no body pack transmitter

  • 4+ hours of talk time


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