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Specificially designed for fitness studios,  the industry standard SP-H20 fitness micrphone has now been combined with the Special Projects SP-25 Auto Scan receiver and 16 channel body pack transmitter, making setup easier and more reliable than ever before.

Most instructors have to deal with headset cables going bad.  Typically, the headset goes out of service whie it's repaired or replaced.  The SP-H20 allow the user to quickly and eaily snap a new cable in seconds - simply line up the arrows, click it in and go.

Don't forget the SP-H20 is completly water and sweatproof.  Lab tested to withstand total submersion in water, a ittlle sweat will not stop the mic. 

No need to worry about interference; with the touch of a button, the Scan 16 will simply scan to the next open channel.  It's wide frequency band covering 3 times the bandwidth of other sstems, you'll find a clear channel quickly and easily.

The dependability, versatility and ease of use with the Fitness pack, make this the preferred body pack systems for fitness facilities.

  • Auto scan makes finding an interference free channel easy

  • waterproof / sweatproof SP-H20 headset with replaceable cable

  • Removeable antennas can be front mounted, remote mounted, or used with the AW-DU distribution unit.

  • Includes rack mount kit

  • includes neoprene belt pack for the transmitter

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Fitness Pack

Fitness Pack

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