Group.X Evo lite Portable Fitness System


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Perfect for smaller group exercise classes, at 40 Watts the SP-GXE-Lite delivers high quality sound in a super light weight system.  FCC safe frequency 540-570 MHz.

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SP-GXE-Lite is a portable recharging 40w system that includes one EVO headset, one built-in receiver, MP3 Input and EVO charger.  The SP-GXE-Lite weighs only 4.8 lbs and a travel case is included.

Recharging and water resistant, the 16 channels and patented revolutionary new design completely eliminates the body pack transmitter!  The EVO combines the small transmitter with the headset, placing the electronics comfortable behind the ear.

Reach groups up to 50 people with ease.  

In addition to the built in wireless receiver, built in USB input with MP3 controls, external mic input and auxillary input, the SP-GXE-Lite allows for a wide variety of input options including any MP3 player

  • comes with EVO headset

  • 540-570 Mhz FCC safe frequency
  • patented design integrated the transmitter comfortably behind the ear

  • Splashproof / sweatproof

  • noise cancelling element fights feedback

  • built in recharging system

  • portable unit weighs in at 4.8 lbs carrying case with shoulder strap provided

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